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Dubna, Russia, July 8 - July 12, 2013


Book of abstracts (PDF)

Preliminary Programme (PDF)

Sunday, 7 July, 2013

17.00-20.00 Registration at the “DUBNA” Hotel

Monday, 8 July, 2013

9.00 Registration at the LIT Conference Hall
Plenary Page
10.00–10.10 Opening  
10.10–10.50 V.V. Korenkov Welcome from LIT, JINR  
10.50–11.30 B.N. Chetverushkin Limits of refinement and kinetic consistent 3D MHD algorithm for high performance parallel computing systems  
11.30–12.00 Coffee
12.00-12.30 A.B. Degtyarev, V.N. Khramushin Features of computational experiments in fluid mechanics using explicit numerical schemes and tensor mathematics algorithms 57  
12.30-13.00 V. Friese Computing in the CBM experiment: problems and challenges  
13.00-13.30 I. Kisel Data processing in HEP on multicore computer architectures  
13.30–15.00       LUNCH
Section 1a Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems Room 407
15.00– 15.15 Gh. Adam, S. Adam Sharpening local error estimates using redundancy in Bayesian automatic adaptive quadrature 23
15.15– 15.30 E.A. Ayryan, V. Malyutin Application of functional polynomials to approximation of matrix-valued functional integrals 41
15.30– 15.45 N. Bogdanova, S. Todorov New approximation results for data with errors in both variables 55
15.45 –16.00 A.V. Bogdanov, V.V. Mareev Quasiclassical methods for perturbed KDVB equation 56
16.00 – 16.30  Coffee
16.30 – 16.45 A.D. Egorov Evaluation of expectations of random functionals 75
16.45–17.00 N.M. Glazunov Calabi-Yau-type varieties over fields of finite  characteristics and their applications 86
17.00– 17.15 А.С. Гольдич Краевые задачи с уравнением Грэда-Шафранова    в моделировании магнитных ловушек  88
17.15– 17.30 N. Kolkovska Finite difference schemes for Boussinesq equation 103
17.30– 17.45 E. Marushkina Local dynamics of a pair of FitzHugh-Nagumo   oscillators with asymmetric interaction 126
17.45– 18.00 A. Oprea, S. Adam, Gh. Adam Scrutiny of some data sets concerning the cuprate superconductivity under selective copper substitution with metallic ions 140
18.00– 18.15 S.N. Dimova, I.G. Hristov Numerical investigation of the dynamics of  fluxon lattices in long Josephson stacks 71
19.00  Welcome party (restaurant “Dubna”)
Section 1b Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems Room 310
15.00– 15.15 S.I. Bityukov, N.V. Krasnikov, A.N. Nikitenko, V.V. Smirnova A method for statistical comparison of histograms  52
15.15– 15.30 A.V. Demidova, A.V. Korolkova, D.S. Kulyabov,   L.A. Sevasyanov The method of stochastization of one-step processes 67
15.30 –15.45 A. Ermilov Modeling of speech features via simulated annealing algorithm  76
15.45– 16.15  Coffee
16.15– 16.30 I.M. Gostev About singularity of calculating a higher orders derivative  at identification of the form of graphic objects 89
16.30– 16.45 I.M. Gostev, E.A. Sibirtseva About one model of computer control on the basis of gaze tracking 90
16.45– 17.00 A.M. Karavaev, S.N. Perepechko Dimer problem on cylinders: recurrences and generating functions 98
17.00– 17.15 A.V. Kryanev, D.K. Udumyan, G.V. Lukin, V.V. Ivanov Separation of the deterministic components and forecasting of time processes 110
17.15– 17.30 I.M. Nikolsky Numerical investigation of IWZ(k) preconditioner 139
17.30– 17.45 D.S. Kulyabov Geometrization of electromagnetic waves 120
17.45– 18.00 B.Z. Belashev, A.V. Kabedev Global optimization algorithms for data analysis 48
19.00  Welcome party (restaurant “Dubna”)
Section 2 Mathematical methods and software for experimental data processing LIT Conference Hall
15.00– 15.15 A. Kalachov, G. Krusanov Use of GEANT4 in brachytherapy  95
15.15– 15.30 K.V. Gertsenberger Development of the distributed computing system for the MPD experiment at the NICA collider, analytical estimations 84
15.30– 15.45 V.P. Akishina, I.V. Kisel, I.S. Kulakov, M.V. Zyzak Cellular automaton track finder at high track multiplicities  25
15.45 –16.00 T. Ablyazimov, M. Zyzak, V. Ivanov, P. Kisel A fast parallelized Kalman filter based reconstruction of charge  particle trajectories for the CBM experiment on a manycore server at LIT JINR 21
15.00– 15.15 V.B. Zlokazov, V.A. Morozov Robust fitting for the estimation of hidden parameters in the experimental distributions on the plane 192
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 S. Lebedev, A. Lebedev, C. Hoehne, G. Ososkov Selected event reconstruction algorithms for the CBM experiment at FAIR 124
16.45– 17.00 S. Lebedev, A. Lebedev, F. Uhlig Quality assurance for simulation and reconstruction software in CBMROOT 123
17.00– 17.15 G.E. Kozlov, V.V. Ivanov, A.A. Lebedev, I.O. Vassiliev    Clustering data for coordinate detectors in the CBM experiment 107
17.15– 17.30 O.Yu. Derenovskaya, V.V. Ivanov Algorithms for J/ψ → e+e selection registered with CBM setup in Au+Au collisions at 25 AGeV 69
17.30– 17.45 S.A. Baginyan Application of the perfect match problem to the track-match problem  42
17.45– 18.00 B.F. Kostenko, J. Pribis Signs of dibaryon detection in D+D → X+D reaction 104
18.00– 18.15 G. Musulmanbekov, A. Solovjev, T. Solovjeva Quark correlations and discrete symmetry of nuclear structure 136
18.15– 18.30 I. Slepov The distributed monitoring system of a compute cluster and the state of the user tasks  171
19.00  Welcome party (restaurant “Dubna”)

Tuesday, 9.07, 2013

Plenary Page
09.00–09.30 O.V. Tarasov Generalized recurrence relations and dimensional  recurrences for Feynman integrals 175
09.30–10.00 I. Rogojin, A. Khvedelidze On the separability problem for quantum composite systems 160
10.00–10.30 V. Gerdt, A. Khvedelidze, Yu. Palii On the inequalities defining the entanglement space of 2-qubits 83
10.30–11.00 V.P. Gerdt, Yu.A. Blinkov Computer algebra aided numerical solving KdV-like PDEs 82
11.00–11.30 Coffee
11.30–12.00  P.P. Fiziev Parallel computations using Maple 17 79
12.00– 12.30 V.V. Kornyak Constructive Approach to Quantum Mechanics  
12.30 –13.00 D.A. Slavnov Computer model of a qubit 171
13.00–13.30 S.A. Abramov, D.E. Khmelnov, M.A. Barkatou On the width of full rank linear differential systems with power series coefficients 22
13.30–15.00       LUNCH
Section 3 Computer algebra and quantum computing with applications LIT Conference Hall
15.00– 15.15 S.I. Serdyukova Solving the hysteresis loop calculation problem for Josephson junction stacks 167
15.15– 15.30 A.I. Zobnin Anti-Frobenius algebras and quadratic Poisson brackets 193
15.30– 15.45 V.V. Zhuravlev, S.A. Mikheev, V.P. Tsvetkov Approximation of polynomials on compact in R3 polynomials of the  best approximation in the L2 lowest level in the system of symbolic   mathematic MAPLE 191
15.45– 16.00 V.V. Zhuravlev, S.A. Mikheev, V.P. Tsvetkov Critical points and points of a bifurcation of the rotating magnetized Newtonian polytropic with 0.9 ≤ n ≤ 1.6 index 191
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 D.A. Yanovich Evaluation of parallel computations of Gröbner and involutive bases on the massive SMP computer  183
16.45– 17.00 V.A. Sarychev, S.A. Gutnik Mathematical modeling of gyrostat satellite dynamics   using methods of computer algebra systems 166
17.00– 17.15 V. Rikhvitsky Evaluation of spinors in computer algebra  159
17.15– 17.30 S.V. Paramonov Undecidability of existence of certain solutions of partial differential and difference equations  141
17.30– 17.45 P.V. Fokin, Yu.A. Blinkov Application of ZDD diagrams for solving SAT problems 80
17.45– 18.00 I. Dimovski, M. Spiridonova Operational calculus approach to explicit solving of initial and boundary value problems  72
18.00–18.15 S. Poryazov, E. Saranova, M. Spiridonova Modeling of telecommunication processes in an overall complex system  152
18.15–18.30 P. Burtyka, A. Trepacheva Searching automorphisms using computer algebra and   its applications in coding theory 64
18.30–18.45 P. Burtyka, A. Trepacheva Mathematical and computer modeling of oil spill pollution in shallow water 63
18.45–19.00 A.A. Bogolubskaya, I.L. Bogolubsky On 2D and 3D localized solutions with nontrivial topology 57
19.00–19.15 M.I. Baranov A method of local improvements for lower bounds on valuations of solutions of linear difference systems with  polynomial coefficients 44
Section 1c Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems Room 310
15.00 –15.15 Yu.N. Pepelyshev, A.K. Popov, D. Sangaa, D. Sumkhuu Model of dynamics of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor   for analysis of fast transients 143
15.15– 15.30 I.V. Amirkhanov, N.R. Sarker, I. Sarkhadov, Z.A. Sharipov, Z.K. Tukhliev, E.V. Zemlyanaya MPI algorithm realization for 3D-computation of phase transitions in materials irradiated by ions beams in frames of thermal spike model 26
15.30– 15.45 A. Perepelkina, V. Levchenko, I. Goryachev 3D simulation of filamentation instability in laser interaction with overdense plasma with CFHall code 144
15.45 –16.00 A. Glushkov Numerical energy approach and QED lines moments technique for finite Fermi-systems in a strong electromagnetic field  
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 E. Zemlyanaya, N. Alexeeva, P. Atanasova Complexes of localized states in ac-driven nonlinear Schrödinger equation and in double sine-Gordon equation 186
16.45– 17.00 M. Timko, M. Rajnak, P. Kopcansky, M. Kosterec, J. Kurimsky, A. Taculescu, L. Vekas, J. Kuchta Temperature map in power transformer: model and experimental data 176
17.00– 17.15 M. Timko, M. Rajnak, P. Kopcansky,  M. Kosterec, J. Kurimsky, A. Taculescu, L. Vekas, J. Kuchta Temperature map in power transformer: model and experimental data 176
17.15– 17.30 A. Bouzid, N. Kheloufi Structural, electronic and optical properties of CdS1-xTex ternary semiconductors 60
Section 1d Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems Room 407
15.00– 15.15 Cs. Török Splines without diagonal matrices  177
15.15– 15.30 R.M. Yamaleev, A. Rodrigues-Dominguez Solution of n-order Riccati equation and applications 183
15.30– 15.45 L.A. Yanovich, M.V. Ignatenko Interpolation functional polynomials  for nonlinear ordinary differential operators 184
15.45 –16.00 Д.А. Зенюк, Ю.Н. Орлов Моделирование случайных блужданий на обобщенном множестве Кантора  188
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 T.N. Kupenova Smooth approximation of functions of two variables 121
16.45– 17.00 S.A. Vasilyev Asymptotic solutions of boundary problems for singular perturbated infinite order differential equations 178
17.00– 17.15 A. Rubchinsky Volatility in classifications 161
17.15– 17.30 Eu. Shchetinin, P. Markov, P. Lyubin, V. Maksyutov Optimal regression model selection with least angle regression  169
17.30– 17.45 S. Bolotova, S. Makhortov Using multi-threading in the relevant LP-inference method 58
17.45– 18.00 T.Z. Ismagilov Second order finite volume scheme for Maxwell's equations with discontinuous dielectric permittivity on structured meshes 198

Wednesday, 10.07, 2013

09.00 – 09.30 A.G. Galstyan, Yu.V. Popov, O. Chuluunbaatar, B. Piraux Ionization dynamics of atoms exposed to strong laser pulse: semi-analytical model at low field frequencies 81
09.30–10.00 V. Melezhik Resonances in ultracold collisions confined by atomic traps 128
10.00–10.30 A. Nicolin Density waves in Bose-Einstein condensates  138
10.30–11.00 R.G. Nazmitdinov, N.S. Simonovič Magnetic field and entanglement control in vertical two-electron quantum dots  137
11.00–11.30 Coffee
11.30–12.00 V.I. Korobov Coulomb three-body problem and precision spectroscopy of  light atoms and molecules 103
12.00– 12.30 M.V. Demina, N.A. Kudryashov Point vortices and nonlinear polynomials of the Sawada–Kotera and the Kaup–Kupershmidt equations 68
12.30 –13.00 L. Buimaga-Iarinca, C. Morari, Felix Farcas, Bot Adrian Challenges in computational nanotechnology: a case study   
13.00–13.30 Yu.N. Karamzin, S.V. Polyakov, V.A. Fedirko Simulation of electron emission from nanostructure surfaces 96
13.30–15.00       LUNCH
Section 1f Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems Room 310
15.00– 15.15 A. Degtyarev, I. Gankevich Hydrodynamic pressure computation under real sea surface  on basis of autoregressive model of irregular waves  65
15.15– 15.30 I.V. Amirkhanov, A.Yu. Didyk, I.V. Puzynin, T.P. Puzynina, N.R. Sarker, I. Sarkhadov, Z.A. Sharipov, Z.K. Tukhliev    Modeling the track formation in amorphous iron alloys exposed to high-energy heavy ions 35
15.30– 15.45 V.N. Robuk Analytical solutions of linear homogeneous thermal spike model 160
15.45 –16.00 E.A. Mesyats, A.V. Snytnikov Particle-in-cell simulation of kinetic instability of an electron beam in plasma 129
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 A. Ayriyan, E. Donets, J. Pribis Algorithms for mathematical modeling of thermal processes for design a technical device 39
16.45– 17.00 E.A. Ayryan, A.A. Egorov, A.L. Sevastyanov, L.A. Sevastyanov Stable computer modeling of thin-film generalized waveguide Luneburg lens 40
17.00– 17.15 B. Batgerel, E.G. Nikonov, I.V. Puzynin Simulation of interaction of a colliding nanoclusters  beam with solid surface 47
17.15– 17.30 N.A. Kudryashov, D.I. Sinelshchikov Extended evolution equations for nonlinear waves in liquid with gas bubbles 119
17.30– 17.45 N.A. Kudryashov, M.B. Kochanov, D.I. Sinelshchikov Nonlinear waves on shallow water under an ice cover. Higher order expansions 118
17.45– 18.00 N.A. Kudryashov, M.A. Chmykhov Mathematical modeling of heat frozen earth 117
18.00–18.15 N.A. Kudryashov, P.N. Ryabov, A.S. Zakharchenko Self-organization of adiabatic shear bands in cooper and steel 115
18.15–18.30 A.V. Plenkin Localization of gas-dynamic fields singularities and adaptation of   grid to singularities position 146
Section 1g Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems LIT Conference Hall
15.00– 15.15 E.B. Fel`dman, E.I. Kuznetsova, M.A. Yurishchev Two-spin correlations in a system of nuclear   spins s=1/2 in a nanopore in a strong magnetic field 78
15.15– 15.30 A.I. Zenchuk Propagation of information along the open spin-1/2 chains 187
15.30– 15.45 A. Grishanin Numerical solution of time-independent Schrodinger  equation for quantum dots 91
15.45 –16.00 B.F. Kostenko The dynamical Casimir effect in two nucleon systems 105
16.00– 16.30  Coffee
16.30– 16.45 T.I. Mikhailova, B. Erdemchimeg, A.G. Artyukh,   Yu.M. Sereda, M. Di Toro, H.H. Wolter Description of peripheral heavy ion collisions at Fermi energies with transport theory  131
16.45– 17.00 Kh.Kh. Muminov, F.Sh. Shokirov Dynamics of two-dimensional breathers in O(3) vectorial nonlinear   sigma-model 135
17.00– 17.15 Kh.Kh. Muminov, Sh.F. Muhamedova Chaotic dynamics of solitons in classical Heisenberg    antiferromagnet model 134
17.15– 17.30 B. Saha Anisotropic dark energy model with varying EoS parameter 163
17.30– 17.45 E. Zhabitskaya, E. Zemlyanaya, M Kiselev Unilamellar vesicles structure analysis using parallel Asynchronous Differential Evolution 189
17.45– 18.00 L.A. Sevastyanov, A.V. Gorbachev, A.V. Zorin Verification of Kuryshkin-Wodkiewicz mathematical model for quantum measurement 168
18.00–18.15 A.S. Gevorkyan, V. Sahakyan Modeling of 3D classical spin glasses under influence of  external electromagnetic fields 85
18.15–18.30 Yu.P. Rybakov Structure of topological solitons in nonlinear spinor model 162
Section 4 Distributed and parallel computing in science and technology Room 407
15.00– 15.15 I.V. Popov, I.V. Fryazinov Method of artificial viscosity on unstructured grids 150
15.15– 15.30 V. Podryga, T. Kudryashova, S. Polyakov Parallel MD-simulation of gas mixture in microchannels 147
15.30– 15.45 N.A. Likhoded, P.A. Mandrik, S.V. Bakhanovich Locality enhancement of parallel algorithms for numerical solution of quasi-linear two-dimensional parabolic equations  125
15.45 –16.00 O.I. Streltsova, M.A. Matveyev, A.I. Streltsov Multi-configurational time-dependent Hartree for bosons method: efficiency of the hybrid MPI&CUDA parallelization schemes 174
16.00– 16.30 Coffee
16.30– 16.45 M.A. Boronina, V.A. Vshivkov, V.D. Korneev Parallel 3D PIC code for the numerical simulations of ultrarelativistic charged beams in supercolliders  59
16.45– 17.00 S. Mitsyn, G. Ososkov Watershed on vector quantization for clustering of big data 134
17.00– 17.15 A. Vorotyntsev About workgraphs, typical for representation of computable models in the network library  181
17.15– 17.30 P.V. Pavlukhin Parallel LU-SGS numerical method implementation for 3-dimensional gas dynamics problems on GPU-accelerated computer systems 142
17.30– 17.45 A.A. Gusev, O. Chuluunbaatar, S.I. Vinitsky, A.G. Abrashkevich POTHEA: a program for computing effective potentials, energy levels  and wave functions in the coupled-channel hyperspherical adiabatic approach 94
17.45– 18.00 A.A. Gusev, O. Chuluunbaatar, S.I. Vinitsky,   A.G. Abrashkevich KANTBP 3.0: New version of a program for computing energy levels,  reflection and transmission matrices, and corresponding wave functions in the coupled-channel adiabatic approach 93
18.00–18.15 A.A. Bulychev, O. Chuluunbaatar, A.A. Gusev, B.B. Joulakian Parallelized procedure for the determination of the fully differential cross section for    (γ,2e) photo-double ionization of  N2 molecule 61
18.15 –18.30 A.V. Bogdanov, V.V. Mareev, V.Y. Gayduchok, M. Panchenko Modeling of the behavior of European options in the  cloud computing system 54
18.30–18.45 E.I. Alexandrov, I.V. Amirkhanov, V.V. Ivanov, D.V. Podgainy, N.R. Sarker, I. Sarkhadov, Z.A. Sharipov, O.I. Streltsova, Z.K. Tukhliev, E.V. Zemlyanaya,   P.V. Zrelov, M.I. Zuev Modeling of thermal processes in materials irradiated with heavy ion beams with the use of parallel algorithms on HPC complexes 28
18.45 – 19.00 E.I. Alexandrov, I.V. Amirkhanov, V.V. Ivanov,   D.V. Podgainy, N.R. Sarker, I. Sarkhadov, Z.A. Sharipov,  O.I. Streltsova, Z.K. Tukhliev, E.V. Zemlyanaya,   P.V. Zrelov, M.I. Zuev A new software complex for modeling thermophysical processes in materials irradiated with heavy ion beams on HPC systems 29

Thursday, 11.07, 2013

09.00 – 09.30 S. Budnyam Open geoinformation internet system for air pollution modeling 60
09.30–10.00 N.D. Dikusar Piecewise approximation and smoothing by high degree polynomials using the basic element method  70
10.00–10.30 S.I. Bezrodnykh, V.I. Vlasov The inverse problem for the Grad - Shafranov equation with application to magnetic field computation in tokamak 50
10.30–11.00 Y. Efendiev, J. Galvis, R. Lazarov Numerical simulation of flows in highly heterogeneous porous media 74
11.00–11.30 Coffee
11.30–12.00 I. Bakholdin Methods of numerical analysis for reversible shocks in media with complex dispersion 43
12.00–12.30 O.A. Mornev Nilpotents in the Clifford algebra of Euclidean 3-spaceand their intensional sense 196
12.30-14.00   Poster session
15.00              Boart trip

Poster session

A.Bogdanov, V.Mareev, N.Kulabukhova Quasiclassical methods for perturbed KDVB equation 56  
A.Bogdanov, V.Mareev, V.Gayduchok, M.Panchenko, E.Stepanov, N.Kulabukhova Modeling of the behavior of European options in the cloud computing system 54
T. Zhanlav, O. Chuluunbaatar, V. Ulziibayar Higher-order accurate numerical solution of Burgers' equation 190
T. Zhanlav, O. Chuluunbaatar, V. Ulziibayar Two sided approximations for some Newton's type methods K.S. Kolegov Non-steady mathematical model of fluid flow in a thin drop 102
A. Bogdanov, E. Stankova, V. Mareev Functional integration as a tool for mathematical modelling and   high performance algorithms creation 57  
P.G. Akishin, A.A. Sapozhnikov The volume integral equations method in magnetostatics problems  24
N. Makhaldiani Hamiltonization of the dynamical systems and the theory of quanputers  125  
I.R. Rahmonov, Yu.M.Shukrinov, A.E.Botha Modeling of phase dynamics of two parallel Josephson junctions stacks 197  
S.V. Poluyan, N.M. Reinhard, N.M. Ershov    Self-adaptation in swarm optimization algorithms 148  
V.A. Kubyshkin, S.S. Postnov The optimal control problem for linear dynamical systems of fractional order  111  
A. Kravchuk, A. Stadnik Analysis of the efficiency of classificators based on ADABOOST algorithm 109  
L.H. Khiem, T.D. Trong    A software for simulation of efficiency of HPGe detectors 101  
O.A. Kazakov Multioperator models 99  
A. Bobok Extremal dynamics of the system of three coupled singularly perturbed equations with two delays 53  
D. Arslanova, A. Belov, V. Belyakov, I. Gornikel,   V. Kalinin, M. Kaparkova, V. Kukhtin, N. Shatil,   S. Sychevsky, V. Vasiliev Modelling of superfluid helium in forced-flow cooling circuits with VENECIA code 38  
V. Amoskov, V. Belyakov, Yu. Gribov, E. Lamzin,   N. Maximenkova, S. Sytchevsky Optimization of currents in ITER correction coils 36  
I.V. Amirkhanov, T.P. Puzynina, I.V. Puzynin, I. Sarkhadov  P.N. Vabishchevich, M. Pavlus Scheme of splitting with respect to physical processes for a model of heat and moisture transfer 34  
I.V. Amirkhanov, G.A. Karamysheva, I.N. Kiyan, J. Sulikowski Mathematical modeling of beam dynamics for estimation of operating modes of isochronous cyclotron 33  
I.V. Amirkhanov, N.R. Sarker, I. Sarkhadov,   Z.A. Sharipov, Z.K. Tukhliev Investigation of solutions of quasistationary states for the quasipotential equation  32  
A. Alekseev, Z. Andreeva, A. Belov, V. Belyakov,   D. Campbell, E. Gapionok, Yu. Gribov, M. Hohlov, K. Ioki,   V. Kukhtin, A. Labusov, E. Lamzin, B. Lyublin, A. Malkov,   I. Mazul, M. Merola, I. Rodin, M. Sugihara, S. Sychevsky Simulation of eddy current and electromagnetic loads in ITER conducting structures 29  
L.H. Khiem, T.D. Trong    Monte Carlo simulation of gamma scattering for density variation measurement 100
A.V. Glushkov, S.V. Brusentseva, V.B. Ternovsky, P.A. Zaichko Geometry of a Chaos: New numerical techniques for treating a deterministic chaos in complex quantum generator, geo-and biophysical systems  
O. Yu. Khetselius Nuclear-QED perturbation theory and Green’s function approach to electroweak interaction effect in heavy finite fermi systems: Numerical calculation  
A.S. Kvasikova Numerical simulation of the hydrogen and kaonic hydrogen atoms in the crossed electric and magnetic fields  
A.A. Svinarenko Quantum computing autoionization resonances in spectra of heavy atomic systems  
Yu.Ya. Bunyakova Nonlinear prediction method in short-range forecast of atmospheric pollutants: Numerical search of a low-dimensional chaos  
V.V. Buyadzhi Many-electron atoms and ions in a one- and two-color laser fields with account of the Debye plasma effects: Quantum computing  
P. Kuchugov Simulation of the gravitational mixing on GPU 112
S. Mitsyn, G. Musulmanbekov, G. Ososkov, A. Polanski, T. Mikhailova Application of clustering approach in the UrQMD fragmentation model for nuclear collision for relativistic energies 133
И.А. Маркова Обобщение методов аппроксимации наборов дискретных данных  
V.V. Serov, T.A. Sergeeva, and S.I. Vinitsky The hybrid time-dependent surface flux method for the ionization amplitude extraction from the calculated wavefunction  
E.A. Koval An algorithm for the numerical solution of two-dimensional scattering problem  
O.A. Koval Modeling of bound states of quantum systems in a two-dimensional geometry of tomic traps  
N.M. Ershov, A.V. Kravchuk Discrete modeling using stochastic cellular automata 77

Friday, 12.07, 2013

Plenary Page
09.00–09.30 V.N. Razzhevaikin Evolutionary optimality in structured systems and its  applications in medical and biological problems 157
09.30–10.00 V.D. Lakhno Mathematical modeling of charge dynamics in molecular chains 121
10.00–10.30 R.R. Aliev, R.A. Syunyaev Computer simulation of electrical activity in the sinoatrial node 30
10.30–11.00 A.V. Dzyabchenko Methods and tools for organic crystal structure prediction 73
11.00–11.30 O.A. Mornev Reaction diffusion systems, autowaves, and their physics 195
11.30–12.00 Coffee
Section 5 Computational biophysics and chemistry, bioinformatics Room 407
12.00–12.15 O. Strbak, A. Krafcik, I. Frollo, P. Kopcansky Simulation of the IRON OXIDES complexes magnetic   field parameters for the biomedical applications 172
12.15– 12.30 S. Glyzin Relaxation self-oscillations in circular chains of unidirectionally coupled Hopfield neurons 87
12.30–12.45 D. Baranov, G. Ososkov, A. Baranov Comparative study of cluster and neural network methods in the problem of protein structure analysis 45
12.45–13.00 I. Vodolazskaya, A. Shishkina, V. Dyakova, Yu. Tarasevich Modeling of surface patterning arising from the nonuniform evaporation of a colloidal film or droplet  178
13.00–13.15 T. Kozar Computational studies of glycan-protein interactions 106
13.15–13.30 A. Krafčík, P. Babinec Theoretical concept of integrated microfluidic system for magnetic cell  separation, electroporation, and transfection 108
13.30–13.45 T.I. Grokhlina, V.S. Sivozhelezov,    R.V. Polozov, V.V. Ivanov Identifying protein-DNA recognition rules using a database of   amino acid-nucleotide contacts in protein-DNA complexes 92
13.45–14.00 S.A. Pozdneev Simulation of the scattering hydrogen halide molecules by slow electron 155
14.00– 14.15 S.A. Pozdneev Few-body simulation in atomic and molecular physics  153
14.15 –14.30 A. Volokhova, E. Zemlyanaya, V. Lakhno, I. Amirkhanov,  I. Puzynin, T. Puzynina Numerical simulation of the hydrated electron formation 180
14.30 –14.45 A. Medvinsky Population dynamics: limits of predictability  127
14.45    Closing
Section 1h Mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex systems LIT Conference Hall
12.00–12.15 E.E. Perepelkin, R.V. Polyakova, I.P. Yudin Simulations of magnetostatic problems with   an "angular point" in ferromagnetic region  143
12.15– 12.30 O.E. Shishanin Application of the Fourier series for particle dynamics simulation in the periodic magnetic fields  170
12.30–12.45 N.I. Yakunkin, S.B. Medvedev, I.V. Schwab Transient processes in the plasma flow in a diverging magnetic field  182
12.45–13.00 G.V. Sandrakov, S.B. Boyko Modeling of hydrodynamics processes with phase transitions 164
13.00–13.15 А.Н. Кудинов, Е.В. Чусова Оценка устойчивости уровня психической реакции человека информационном воздействии на него  113
13.15–13.30 A.N. Kudinov, V.P. Tsvetkov, I.V. Tsvetkov Multifractal dynamics and mathematical modelling of natural,    social and economic processes 114
13.30–13.45 А.Н. Кудинов, Е.В. Чусова Применение метода сопряженных уравнений к процессу потери устойчивости при действии подвижных нагрузок 114
13.45–14.00 A.N. Kudinov, V.P. Tsvetkov, I.V. Tsvetkov Waves of fractal dimension of global temperature of Earth, world   economic crises and Kondratyev's cycles 115
14.00 – 14.15 K.M. Burceva, N.P. Khayrulina, V.P. Tsvetkov Analysis of a piecewise linear trend of average surface temperature   of the Northern Hemisphere of Earth in the 2nd and the  beginning of the 3rd Millennium in the mathematical model of    multifractaldynamics 62
14.45   Closing